Ready to Live Inc., is looking for Ambassadors who want to contribute to their community, friends, family, coworkers, etc., by hosting, organizing and promoting workshops. If you have a passion for helping people, compensation or charitable fundraising opportunities are available.

The current workshops being offered are from The Ever Wonder Series, exclusively offered by Ready To Live Inc., which feature new and powerful resources, stimulating tools and entertaining exercises that help people explore themselves and find answers to some of life’s biggest questions such as:

What’s Eating You?
This workshop helps men, women and teenagers overcome food issues by exposing the emotional baggage that keeps people fixed on harmful behaviors. Clients leave with a strong sense of awareness and numerous tools to obtain new insights to living a healthier life.

“Y” Is There No “ME” In Momm-y?
Discover how to create a balance between “being you” and enriching the lives of your children. You will learn how to keep the scales more even, and feel at peace with the choices you make for your family without losing the beauty and uniqueness of who YOU are.

Where Did I Go?
This workshop assists women who have lost touch with who they are. Participants will discover feelings and behaviors that keep them in a stupor, and create an action plan to establish a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Why Does Church Sometimes Hurt?
Uncover truths about humanity and religion through a lighthearted and energetic process that leaves participants emotionally strengthened. For those who are completely turned off by church, to laypersons, leaders and ministers, the benefits of this workshop are powerful.

Information on Becoming an Ambassador
For additional information on becoming an Ambassador or to discuss your desires and thoughts of community enrichment, please email, or call (636)336-2522 to speak with one of our professionals.

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