Coaching Services for Spiritual Institutions

Why Does Church Sometimes Hurt?

Local churches often have a “revolving door," uncommitted, overworked, and/or unbalanced members carrying unresolved issues.  And almost every community faces the reality that the majority of the population are not committed to a local spiritual body.  To combat such struggles and lack of participation within the local church, Ready To Live Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, has been blessed with an enlightening and powerful seminar entitled “Ever Wonder. . .Why Does Church Sometimes Hurt?”   This session is conducted by Christian Certified Life Coaches in the presence of the general congregation.  The church is encouraged to invite those within the community who have a difficult time with "church" as this seminar is sure to bring healing to the community as a whole.  Our coaches uncover truths about humanity and church through a lighthearted and energetic process while engaging the audience.  During this event, individuals are spiritually strengthened and learn how to recognized and avoid some of the many obstacles individual Christians and congregations across our nation continue to face.  The benefits to laypersons, leaders, and ministers within the church, as well as those community members opposing church, are indescribable.  This seminar sets the foundation for a true sense of unity within the body and community, which is one of the highest callings.

Initial Consultations are Free to the Church

Our coaches are also available to work with pastors, board members, department heads, ministerial teams, and so forth to increase healthy communication and effectiveness within the body and community.  While our organization embraces all people from every walk of life, and there is no religious affiliation, please be aware that our services are based on the common sense principals and love taught and lived by Christ.  For additional information, to discuss your particular concerns or visions, and/or to schedule a seminar, please email, or call (636)336-2522 to speak with one of our professionals



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