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Surviving in today’s fast-paced, pressure-filled world is difficult. Thriving is even harder. Many people and organizations fall into routines and behaviors that keep them from reaching their true potential.  Without an advocate who stimulates personal growth in a healthier direction, most will lose sense of direction and purpose. Instead of putting their lives in motion, they will simply go through the motions.
Ready To Live Inc., can be that advocate. We’re a not-for-profit foundation that provides comprehensive coaching solutions for individuals, families, businesses and organizations. Our staff of professionals uses our collective expertise in a broad range of disciplines to help you address your unique set of challenges. This collaborative approach results in real-world solutions through innovation, not imitation or replication.  

Is Coaching for Everyone?

However, it’s not about what we do. It’s about the issues you face on a daily basis…and whether you are ready to do something about them. Only you can improve your situation. Our contribution is simply helping you through these challenges and getting you where you want to be.  Life coaching is not for everyone at any time.  Coaching candidates benefit from services during certain periods in their life more so than other times, meaning the client must be willing to pursue the benefits of coaching in lieu of continuing the same self-defeating behaviors that have been keeping them stuck.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) states that a life coach “partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."  While this is certainly true of our services, Ready To Live Inc., has taken coaching much farther than reaching one’s potential.  We delve into the individual person and uncover blind spots, hidden passions and desires, and safely challenge clients to create a more fulfilling life while reaching new heights.

Will Coaching Benefit Me at this Time?

Do you desire more in any of the following:
• Achieve a sense of fulfillment at work or in my life
• Be true to myself and honest with myself
• Create plans and take action to achieve my goals
• Deepen my knowledge of self and others
• Discover and begin living by my own priorities
• Enrich self-awareness by uncovering blind spots
• Experience inner peace and harmony
• Find more satisfaction in life
• Have more fun and enjoyment in life
• Improve personal or business relationships
• Make positive and lasting changes in life
• Overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
• Pursue my passions
• Understand my personal values and start living by them
• Unleash the talents that I possess

As you read these statements, if you recognized a sense of loss or lacking, or possibly a strong longing for any one or more of these important life matters, coaching may be an excellent resource for you at this time.  If you are ready to make a lasting and positive change, feel free to contact our office at or call (636)336-2522 to speak with one of our Certified Life Coaches.

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